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Our Design Build Process

The design build process is a streamlined method of project delivery where the design and construction phases are combined into one seamless process. This means that instead of hiring a separate architect and contractors, clients work with one team from start to finish. One of the major advantages of using a design build approach is that it allows for better communication and collaboration between the client, designer, and construction team. This results in a more efficient and cohesive project, as all parties are working together towards the same goal.

Taking it One Step at a Time
We will guide you through a set of questions to help bring your vision to life. Following that, we will arrange a visit to capture detailed pictures and measurements, ensuring accurate estimates.
Exploration & Feasibility
Once you sign our design agreement, our in-house designer will collaborate with you on space planning, product selection, and the creation of a comprehensive set of plans. This includes as-builts, new floor plans, electrical plans, wall elevations, structural details, roof plans, and captivating perspectives. With these elements, we ensure a visually stunning and well-rounded design that brings your vision to life.
Design & Budget
Before we begin any physical work on your project, it's important that three key items align: plans, scope of work, and products. Once you're satisfied with the budget, space plans, and product selection made with our designer, we can create a schedule based on your timeline and start production.
 Execution & Production
We genuinely care about your satisfaction with your new space, be it your bathroom, kitchen, or addition. It brings us joy to know that you appreciate the craftsmanship we have provided.
Project Completion
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